About Me

My trusty skate buddy is always up for a ride.

Me and my trusty skate buddy.

My name is…. well, let’s come back to that one.  I am a thirty-something mother of one.  I have an amazing husband, who is a huge pain in my ass (I love you Shug!).  We have an adorable service dog/side-kick, and we enjoy mocking what we believe are his daily thoughts in a deep, dopey voice.  We live in a house that is over run with small projects, and the combination of ADD and procrastination means the to-do list never shrinks.  We are all easily distracted by fun, food, and shiney things.

I work at a professional services firm in Baltimore, MD (no, not those kinds of professional services).  I work to live, not live to work… and there is a lot of work required in living, apparently!  I often feel like I am pretending at work to be something I am not.  You won’t find amyone else in the entire building wearing Vans on casual Friday, and you’d be hard pressed to find someone else who fixes their hair at 8:50 a.m. in the parking garage.  So I am a little uncut…

I absolutely love trying new things and seeing new places.  I can become completely engulfed in play, and am quick to find new hobbies.  I am very ambitious in all I do, especially in trying new things.  This usually provides me with equal parts humility and determination.  I love nature, martial arts, skateboards, SUP, and surf culture.  Music and art are things that I am pationate about, but not very skilled at, but in my mind it all comes together splendedly.  I am the worlds worst gardener, with an overzealous and ill-planned organic garden that is sure to end disasterously.  Lastly, but most importantly I am a member of a crazy, wonderful, disfunctional family and extended family.

I hope to make a few new friends on this journey, documenting my many interests, endeavors, victories, and epic fails… because eff it, I’m 30.


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