Month: May 2015

Bucket List: Backyard Skate Park

Today I can cross one off the childhood dream / bucket list.  I just picked up two Freshpark quarter pipe ramps and a stock pile of LandWave ramps for the backyard.  We already had a few LandWave ramps, and were looking for more when we stumbled across an epic package deal for all of the ramps. (more…)


Eff it, I’m 30.

I’ve reached the age where suddenly it is uncool to be me.  As a thirty-something year old woman, working as a professional in a highly polished industry, it is suddenly uncool to be… cool.  The expectation of the world now that I have reached this dreaded age of maturity is that I smear on loads of make up, swirl wine, and surround myself with girlfriends for a Dancing With the Stars viewing party.  Well that ain’t me babe.  (more…)