Month: June 2015

Awesome App Alert: Riders

An Instagram follower (one of the two that I have) recently turned me on to a mobile app called Riders, which is a sort of Instagram/YouTube/Instructubles mash-up for action sports lovers.  After spending a few minutes playing around within the app, I fell in love with it.  (more…)


Tips for the First Time Commuter

I recently blogged about my first time commuting to work via skateboard.  You can read that entry here.  I wanted to ride my skateboard to work for a long time, but always managed to talk myself out of it.  I was too nervous, afraid, and even too embarrassed to try.  Once I finally did it, I enjoyed it so much that I couldn’t wait to do it again.  (more…)

Skateboarding to Work

Well, I can cross another one off the Bucket List today.  I have been wanting to ride my longboard into work for a long time now, but kept talking myself out of it.  I would tell myself that I needed to better plot my route, that my skills weren’t up to par.  How would I handle curbs and obstacles?  What if I wipe out and become the comedy act for the long line of rush hour drivers?  What if I die of exhaustion, and they don’t find my body for weeks because I fell into a roadside gully?  I’m going to look ridiculous! (more…)