REI Garage Sale Shakedown – August 2018.

Sorry to brag, but I believe I am becoming an REI Garage Sale master. My family and I attend them whenever possible, often camping out 24 hours in advance to claim the #1 spot. It really isn’t necessary to show up THAT early, but it is fun! Today I found great deals on a few items, and learned a new Garage Sale trick!


A field archery target range in the woods in fall

Vingt Neuf Bowman – Archery Range and Family Archery Classes in Baltimore

Have you ever gone to the movies to see an action film, and felt empowered as you walked back to your car afterwards?  Feeling a wicked karate kick or drum solo coming on right in the middle of the parking lot?  Ya, me either… umm… that would be silly.  The Hunger Games, however, had everyone wanting to wield a bow and arrow.  That is how we discovered Vingt Neuf Bowman (VNB), a local archery club that offers classes for archers of all ages and skill levels.


Adventures of an REI Garage Sale pt 1

My husband and I are far from being REI Garage Sale experts, but with each sale we are getting better and better at our strategy.  REI is a Co-Op / outdoor recreational store and school.  It is known for having the best satisfaction and return policy around, excellent outdoor classes, and rewarding member benefits.  It is a campers / hikers / bikers/ paddlers / climbers / yogis paradise. (more…)