SheShreds – a Sisterhood of Shredders

I have always felt like a bit of a loner, as my interests don’t usually align with those of my friends and acquaintances.  I’m not much of a drinker, partier, or socialite, and that is how 90% of the people I know socialize and entertain themselves.  I, on the other hand, still enjoy playing with my friends.  I love action sports and trying new things, but it isn’t much fun doing them alone.  Unfortunately, I have a very limited number of friends, especially female friends, who enjoy the same things as I do.  Enter – SheShreds.Co – an awesome collection of outgoing females, who shred.

I hate to criticize other females, because, well it’s hypocritical of the message here… but women and girls have a reputation for being unsupportive, discouraging, and even downright mean to each other.  From my experiences, that reputation holds true.  I am sure this behavior is not limited to females, but we sure can be catty bitches at times.  Why?  Is it an adverse reaction to curiosity?  Is it jealousy or arrogance, even ignorance?  Scientists have been trying to figure us out for centuries.  Men have all but given up!

One day while scrolling through pictures on Instagram, a picture of a young woman caught my eye.  She was riding her longboard down a beautiful San Fransisco hill, while wearing a shirt that perfectly fit the scene.  The back of the shirt read “SheShreds.”  Naturally, I had to have it.  I asked the owner of photo where I may find such an epic t-shirt, and she directed me to  Stop right there.  This is not a sales pitch, so keep reading…

I quickly looked up and was quite surprised at what I found.  Yes, they have an apparel line that is especially popular with the snowboard crowd, but that’s not what I’m getting at. has a huge ambassador group.  YUGE.  Clever marketing, indeed, however, the “ambassadors” are so much more than advertisement.  One fateful t-shirt brought me to exactly what my life was missing:  a group of gnarly, adventurous, and supportive females who are just… like… me.  They are every day riders, of all sports and all ages, just like you and me.   The ambassadors regularly organize social meets, where girls can get out there and ride with other girls in their sports, who are all incredibly supportive of each other.  There is a “Big Sis” program, which provides mentoring, guidance, and friendship to the younger and newer girls.  There are regular meetups and a huge (YUGE!) support network. They even have “ShredPals,” which is a pen pal arrangement with SheShred ambassadors from all over the world.  Did I mention the world-wide Secret Santa exchange?  THESE PEOPLE ARE FREAKING AWESOME.


Fate loves the fearless! So do Hospitals!

The ambassadors-only SheShreds social media group is loaded with posts and questions where other ambassadors are quick to offer advice and encouragement on topics ranging from equipment, tricks, tutorials, life events, and even boys.  My cold, black heart melted when I saw a young girl ask a group of about 500 of us how she should approach her first crush.  It was a bit juvenile, sure, but this girl instilled so much trust in her “sisters,” and so many people answered her with kind and supportive messages, it was just… ugh.  So cute.  Damn onions.

SheShreds ambassadors can also earn points towards free and discounted gear by supporting and repping SheShreds, being active and giving back to their communities, and by just getting out and enjoying their sports.  Sports range from snowboarding to surfing, hang gliding to equestrianism, martial arts to motorcross.  My sports of interest are SUP, snowboarding, longboarding, skateboarding, mountain biking, and motocross.  Am I extremely talented in any one of those sports?  No.  Do I regularly look like an ass while enjoying those sports?  Yes.  Does anyone within the SheShreds group care?  Nope!  They may give me some pointers on how to bust-my-ass less frequently, but I don’t have to be ashamed of my skill level, or worry that someone might spill some Haterade at the first sight of fun.  This is a judgement-free zone, and such a welcome find for me.  I finally feel like I have a group of girlfriends that get me.  I can’t wait to share my adventures with them!

(If you find yourself interested in becoming an ambassador, or purchasing some of their appaeral, leave me a comment and I will send you the details or a discount code.  I highly recommend applying to the ambassador group, which is free, and a great asset!  Tell them I sent you.  It won’t get either of us a door prize, but it makes me feel special.  🙂 )


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