100 / 100 Paddle Challenge

I came across a paddling challenge that was organized by Julia Nicholls, where paddlers are challenged to complete either 100 hours, or 100 miles of paddling within 100 consecutive days.  The first challenge (100 miles/100 days) runs early in the paddling season beginning on January 1st, and the second (100 hours/100 days) runs from April 10 – July 18th.  This is a personally moderated challenge where the honor system and self motivation rule.  Upon completing the challenge, you will be rewarded not only with immense self-pride, loads of new paddle friends, and stellar physical fitness, but you will also receive one bad-ass elite sticker. I already have a place on my Yeti Roadie picked out where my first 100/100 challenge sticker will go!

I joined the challenge a bit late in the game, but thankfully my NK SpeedCoach and SUPTrails apps have kept track of my previous paddling sessions.  To date I am only about half way to my 100 mile goal, with only 1 month left in the challenge.  To meet the goal I am going to have to put in a LOT of hours paddling.  I may not succeed – this is a demanding challenge, even if you start on day 1,  but I will try my hardest, and keep it honest.

To join the challenge, find the 100 / 100 Paddle Challenge on Facebook and ask to join the group.  There are no fees, dues, marketing, etc. within the group.  It is a moderated group, so only people actively participating in the challenge are permitted to join. Progress is reported on the Facebook group’s page, and there are loads of other members who are quick to offer support and advice. Go earn your sticker!



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