Awesome App Alert: Riders

An Instagram follower (one of the two that I have) recently turned me on to a mobile app called Riders, which is a sort of Instagram/YouTube/Instructubles mash-up for action sports lovers.  After spending a few minutes playing around within the app, I fell in love with it.  I swear, I’m not getting paid to say that, either (see: two Instagram followers).  I am an action sports junkie.  Jack of all sports, master of none.  I have spent countless hours on YouTube watching videos about how to learn basic tricks or master skills needed to improve.  Riders is all about action sports.  The app features just about every action sport you can think of; from skateboarding, to windsurfing, to motocross, even parkour!  The Riders app has it all.


The app suggests and teaches you new tricks through written explanations, looping demonstration videos, and tons of user-created photos and videos.  You can track your progression of tricks, as well as upload your own content showing off your trick progression and your own variations of basic tricks.  You can meet people with similar interests, follow Pros, and have your own followers, similar to Instagram.  Contrary to other social media outlets, I have found the Riders community to be positive and supportive.

What I think is the coolest feature of the app is that it encourages you to learn new tricks by recommending tricks based on skill level.  Trick skill levels are easily identifiable based on a color coding system, where green is great for beginners, blue is for intermediate riders, and orange/red are typically more complicated and advanced tricks.


The app is available for iPhones, Android, and Google Play devices.  Hopefully an iPad app is in the works, because I am hooked on this app!  Go check it out!  You can find me in Riders as Eff30, and Instagram as Eff_30.


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