Bucket List: Backyard Skate Park

Today I can cross one off the childhood dream / bucket list.  I just picked up two Freshpark quarter pipe ramps and a stock pile of LandWave ramps for the backyard.  We already had a few LandWave ramps, and were looking for more when we stumbled across an epic package deal for all of the ramps. (Yeah Craigslist!)  The kids like taking the LandWave ramps to parking lots and making a big course out of them, or stacking them in the yard for BMX and RC ramps.  The LandWave ramps are sturdy, stackable, and can be rearranged to make all sorts of ramps and obstacles.  I have used the ramps, myself, in making a (very) amateur backyard snowboard course.


I am both stoked and terrified about the Freshpark ramps.  I plan to use them in the winter for the drop-in for the backyard snowboard course… which we are going to build snowmakers for this winter…but want to set the ramps up for skateboards, BMX, scooters, etc., too.  I have never learned to drop-in on a skateboard, because I am terrified of heights.  Even those little LandWave ramps are damn terrifying when I’m looking over the edge at the sheer twelve-inch drop to the concrete below.  To combat this fear, I am going to set up a foam pit one of these days in the backyard for my son and I to learn how to drop in safely, while still looking ridiculous enough to entertain the neighbors.

You can find the ramps at Ramps.com, LandWave.com, or Freshpark.com.  They occasionally pop up used on Craigslist.org, which can save you a boatload of money. It’s definitely worth stalking them on Craigslist if you can wait it out.


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